Are you struggling with uneven surfaces that are resulting in damaged pallets and open products?

The problem may be the surface your pickers are travelling on!

In a business where every unused sq meter is lost revenue – More lanes and traffic markings can allow for tighter rack placement and smoother surfaces can allow for higher picking and code reader access.

When you have a very active high-volume facility, it is essential to keep use traffic and pedestrian lines and marking to keep employees safe. A profession contractor can apply this system during down time of as little as one shift.

Epoxy lane systems can be added over night to give tuggers and lifts a smoother system to run on.

Polishing  or sealing  the surface may also be a good option if cement dustings is a issue. 

Wheel lanes can be added to AGV pickers to protect against pedestrians entering the zones and avoid bumps that can cause AGV to leave the paths  

Joint repairs can save a lot of wheel bearings in lifts and your operator’s sore backs. Usually your operators can identify problem floor joints and an experienced contractor can repair then off hours or overnight.

There are two methods for dealing with damaged joints:

  • The first is to repair the joint and fill the gap with an epoxy mortar system to create a smooth permanent repair. 
  • The second would be repairing the gap with epoxy mortar but maintain the joint be re saw cutting and filling with a load bearing Polyurea joint filler 

Freezers can be challenging area to repair but with an experienced contractor with experience and correct equipment below -25 C repairs are possible.

Typical Logistic areas that can benefit from epoxy system restoration include 

  • Charging Stations – Acid resistant epoxy coating systems – Allow you to spot leaky Machines and prevent high repair costs.
  • Garbage & Scrubber rooms – Chemical resistant, pitched areas that can handle hot wash down 
  • Long lasting Aisle Joint repairs for Moving and nonmoving repairs completed over night 
  • Freezer Repairs 
  • We can repair holes and cracks inside freezers Floor with our below zero low temperature cure systems 
  • We preform Joint filling with heated pump and CFIA approved low temperature cure polyurethane Joint fillers with 110% elongation 
  • Freezer and cooler threshold – floor repairs to remedy cracks and holes 

If you have an issue or problem, why not call for a free quote we have been servicing some of Ontario’s Largest Logistic facilities from (Cornwall to Windsor) for over 20 years.

Sentinel Polymers Better Work program ensures that we have the crews, the training, and the years of critical experience to provide you with the right solution for your unique needs!