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Polishing at a Low Price doesn’t always End Well!

Polishing at a Low Price doesn’t Always End Well!   September 20, 2019Not everybody knows how to polish properly. It’s easy to buy equipment, but the skills need to be learned over the years with the experience of a well-trained teacher. At Brescia College in...

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Kingston Area Shop Renovation

Kingston Area Shop Renovation   July 25, 2019Imagine the savings of having a new shop/garage floor without having to relocate and build a new building or re pour cement. We can provide a floor that is more durable (resists oil, coolant etc.) that is traffic ready...

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Electrostatic Controlled Flooring

Sentinel Polymers Canada brings an unique approach to electrostatic control. In industries where electronic components or volatile chemicals are involved, static electricity can result in significant damage, injury and financial loss. Protect your work environment...

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How to Care for you Industrial Floor Coatings

Does your facility or industrial space have epoxy floor coatings? Are you aware of the proper care and maintenance procedures for your particular flooring system? Proper maintenance of epoxy floor systems is crucial. Here are just three reasons why you should not...

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