Better Work Means Safer Work!

Whether you are a food process, pharmaceutical or manufacturing facility, we understand that employee safety and product safety are paramount concerns. Any outsiders that you bring into your facility should be well trained, neat and professional. Safety compliance organizations like ISN ensure your contractors conform to all training and insurance milestones.

All our employees receive more than just the basic health training including FIT & WHIMS tests. But, they also receive classroom workshops four times a year where additional skills and techniques are demonstrated. We have crews working 359 days a year, so every crew member gets lots of “Better Work“ on-site training, No workers will be flipping thru the manufactures instructions while they are on your site.

We train our employees in various areas which include but are not limited to the following speciality training listed below. We will provide any additional specialized training if necessary to complete any project.

  • 4 Step
  • Qualitative respirator Fit Test
  • Working at heights
  • Confined space
  • Transportation of dangerous goods
  • Overhead Crane and pedestrian awareness

Is your contractor part of a major safety group like ISN, Gatefeed  and Contractor Compliance?

The International Suppliers Network is a system which logs and tracks vendors. Major companies often use the ISN to establish the “trustworthy” status of a new vendor. The ISN also allows companies to import a validated version of a vendor’s details directly into their own procurement system.

In simple terms, an Avetta certification shows that your company, as a supplier, vendor or contractor is safe to work with. This kind of accreditation falls in the business category of supply chain risk management. For larger companies that deal with high-risk sensitive goods and services, this is a critical area.

Many facilities require contractors to have some sort of “general industrial safety training” as a prerequisite to taking their site orientation training. Gatefeed can track OSHA 10 and 30 training. In addition, Gatefeed has co-developed the Basic Safety 

The respirator fit test will start with a medical evaluation, where the PLHCP will review the completed questionnaire and provide the employee and employer with a written recommendation. The fit test administrator does not require a specific certification, but they do need to be trained on how to conduct the test.

Better Work Program

Industry exclusive procedure manual that lists each step of the installation process. This step by step guide even includes procedures on how we prepare job sites. For example, we almost never use brooms as they can cause debris to fall into small cracks in the floor and cause potential issues down the road. 

We have inhouse training programs were we review our work and establish a series of tests and reviews to ensure our crews deliver the same high level of quality on each phase of every project.

Every project is subjected to a review and a Better Work checklist to ensure that we are delivering the highest quality products on time and on budget. We never leave a project until our clients are 100 percent satisfied, even if it means taking a little extra time to prepare and apply your floor correctly.

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