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Sentinel Polymers installs a range of flooring systems to protect your investment

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If you’re looking to add a little style and colour to your garage, one of the best places to start is with the floor. Standard concrete slab garage floors are functional, but with a little extra effort they can also be attractive and even comfortable. There are many options for sprucing up a garage floor, and many homeowners have trouble deciding which way to go.

Residential Flooring Services

Our quality workmanship has set the standards in the Epoxy Coating Industry throughout Ontario.

Our years of experience installing Epoxy, Poly and Metallic coatings gives us the ability to offer customers the best solution to meet their flooring requirements. Our installers are professionally trained with technical know-how and can help you with a reliable solution for your flooring needs.

We use a “high solids” based epoxy which adheres to residential concrete applications better, and offers the durability that customers demand. If you are considering doing it yourself with a store bought kit be aware of the life expectancy of this product in comparison to professional grade coatings and installation.
Flakes System provides a vibrant, attractive, hygienic and extremely durable concrete surface. The coating may contain a variety of flake types scattered over a coloured base coat and finished with a resistant polyaspartic sealer. Ideal for garages, porch or public areas.

Six Benefits of Sealed Epoxy Floors

    • Protection of floors from heavy traffic
    • No dusting
    • Semi Ease of cleaning & maintenance
    • Increase of reflected light
    • Presents positive image to customers
    • Avoids environmental impact issues



Concrete Polishing Services

Cost effective

The cost to polish concrete floors is very affordable per square foot to polish depend on project size and level of sheen. It’s sustainable option if you are using an existing concrete slab, avoiding the consumption of new materials.

Easy care

The only maintenance required of concrete floors is weekly mopping with soapy water to keeping a concrete floor looking its best.

Long Lasting

A sealed and properly maintained concrete floor can last indefinite Options. Even in commercial applications, it can survive under high traffic conditions for years to come.
This saves you money, while also preventing the hassle of having to get new flooring installed periodically.

No Waxing Needed

Given that concrete floors are polished for a better appearance and functionality, there will be absolutely no need at all to wax or strip the surface, which will save you lots of headaches with the maintenance in the future.

Moisture resistant

Polished concrete allows the floor to breathe and eliminates issues that arise with other flooring materials that seal off the concrete, such as hardwood, laminate, tiles, etc.

Enhanced Ambient Lighting

If you choose polished concrete floors for your residence or commercial space, be ready to have a very good lighting inside. The smooth and shiny surface will absorb the light and illuminate the rooms by up to 30%.

Sentinel Polymers installs a range of flooring systems to protect your investment

Let Us Floor You

Let Us Floor You