If you filled up your car yesterday, you likely already know.

Things are changing very rapidly in the supply chain for Petroleum based products including resin used to produce flooring and coatings. Post COVID we have been experiencing never before seen price increases and shortages.

Planning ahead for projects is even more important than ever.

You need to select a large established epoxy contractor that can warehouse your product well in advance of your install date.
Many smaller contractors are being left out of the supply chain as manufacturers limit supply to the best and biggest customers
Specialized products such as chemical resistant and ESD products are produced in the USA and are sometimes redirected to USA customers instead of Canadian.
Dealing with a Larger Contractor and help ensure your product arrives on schedule.
Currently smaller contractors are calling other competitors to inquire if they could purchase products for jobs they underbid. This doesn’t always work out for the end user.
Because of COVID delays in construction, some flooring contractors are requesting additional charges to cover the new raw material cost or even walking away from projects that are now at loss projects. The cost of fuel is not just affecting raw materials but also the transportation cost of getting resin to manufacturers and the cost of getting the material and crew to your job site.
Manufacturers have implemented transport levies on each shipment, which will also be passed along to the end user. You need in ensure you are dealing with a flooring contractor that is large enough to warehouse your project materials to protect your capital investment from additional charges.
Sentinel Polymers Canada carries a very large inventory (over half a million dollars) for our customers and we have begun warehousing up to six months in advance of project dates to try and shield customers from more surprises. There is, of course, a cost to this but much less than not having the required colors or materials for your install date. Many general contractors have already experienced delays in steel and roofing, overhead doors the list goes on …

Here are a few final timely tips to help you improve costing of your projects:

If you have large projects coming up, make sure you get purchase orders approved now to insure no awkward meetings to review last minute price increases.
Finally, the current Labor shortage is also impacting the cost of labor and also places upward pressure on projects in the near and distant future.
Having a well-trained and seasoned crew will mean your install will go smoothly.
  Look for the Better Work Logo to know you have an efficient and professional crew For more information on our Better Work program, please access the link below. https://www.sentinelpolymers.com/better-work-program/