For decades epoxy materials have been used for parking deck repairs as well as runways and commercial docks.

Epoxies are not affected by salt & deicers so offer a long-term repair to cement surfaces 

We don’t always think about epoxy for outdoor repairs, but it can be a great solution for rapid repairs that are structurally stronger than cement and dry in hours for traffic. Exterior cement steps & landings can be resurfaced instead of replacing it within as little as 12 hours.

Just a few examples of the type of projects epoxy is well suited for quick repairs include:

    • Weigh scales can be quickly repaired and resurfaced and save costly down time 
    • Exterior ramps can be repaired or textured to ensure smooth forklift traffic 
    • Simple pot holes in exterior cement pad can be quickly patched 
    • High Traffic External Ramps can be repaired or textured with non-slip surfaces in as little as 12 hours down time 

Materials exposed to the elements breakdown over time, such as ultra violet rays can degrade coatings over time.  We have seen great life of epoxy mortar application in exterior placement. Remember epoxy mortar does not thermal cycle at the same rate as cement, so freeze and thaw can be an issue so saw cuts need to be maintained.

  • Exterior containment areas can be patched rapidly, and leaking areas can be resolved quickly with epoxy mortar systems 
  • External raw material receiving areas for wine, vegetable, and fruit process because they resist staining, sanitation washes and natural acids 
  • As well as decorative patios for Brew Pubs, Restaurants, and event spaces

Remember, Epoxies don’t dry but rather cure to form a solid by a chemical reaction so minimum ambient temperatures are required so plan your work before freezing temperatures arrive. 

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