Image: Collision Centre Dundas 

Are Thicker Coating Systems better?

Our customers frequently ask us this type of question when assessing the cost/ benefit of investing in improving their flooring system. The simple answer is a resounding yes always, why you would accept a system that is 8 Mils thick when you could get one that is a minimum of 20 Mils. (20/1000 inch) DFT (dry film thickness).

There are several benefits for investing in a thicker coating application;

  • Thicker systems give more material thickness for abrasion resistant (a thicker surface to wear through) 
  • Thicker systems allow for better surfaces – Smoother, hide cracks and joints, easier to clean 
  • Thicker Systems result in a bond line (the region between your new floor and concrete to be deeper) this can result in better impact resistance.
  • Thicker systems take almost the same down time to install as thinner Systems. It just makes good financial sense if you have limited down time in your Facility to install a thicker floor that going to last longer.

Some Options to Consider include the following;

The ultimate, longest last flooring system is always a troweled ¼ or 3/8-inch thickness systems.  But many of our clients have found that out Thicker Is Better 40 Mils coating system can be a great alternative if the traffic requirements are light manufacturing & budget is a concern.

The Thicker is Better 40 mils floor is install by our Better Work Certified crews using exacting standards to ensure you get a great looking, longer lasting floor.