We’re all excited that we get to reopen our doors, but if you do not follow the rules that the governing bodies have put in place, your business could get a bad reputation.

Make sure you read up on and abide by the rules for your city and province. Government Canada has a great website that shares all the rules and regulations, including links for all provinces and territories.

It is the employer’s responsibility to keep their team up to date on:

  • Safety protocols
  • Expectations for each staff member
  • How the business will be operating

Keep in mind that your staff may not be aware of all the government’s regulations. Think about creating new procedure checklists for them. 

Health & Safety Floor Markings , Signs and Logos

For twenty years our team has been providing epoxy Pedestrian pathways , Traffic lines,  charging stations pad , Fire escape pathways and Traffic signs. 

Customers have found that we can install systems that are prepared properly, last longer and can be less expensive than using their own personnel .

We have 5 S  and Sigma 6 applications including epoxy stenciling available for wide range of applications .Our experienced team has extensive expertise installing  a wide range of floor STOP signs and traffic control messages. 

Our Better Work programs ensures that each step of the installation results in a superior bond and cleanability. Many customers have realized that epoxy markings are less expensive than tapes and decals in the long-term , 

Due to Covid-19  we all have a much longer list of health & safety concerns above and beyond avoiding pedestrian /tow motor or lift  contact . Many of our customers have added  2-meter spacing lines and directional arrows to walkways to encourage social distancing good practices and yellow safety zones to high lite handwash or sanitizer stations  

If you are fortunate enough to be able to reopen, then you’ll want to do it the right way. In most cases, we could be in your plant this weekend installing safety protocols. 

Remember to follow the Public Health Agency of Canada’s steps for self-assessment: https://www.canada.ca/coronavirus