Better Work Means Better Preparation 

  • Did you know that most of the important steps required to have a great long-lasting floor surface happen before the first can is even opened?
  • If your contractor shows up with Acid Etching or a Floor Sander with a (cinder block wired to it ), you will likely be getting the cheapest price and the work to match.
  • During an install, it’s crucial to spend most of our efforts preparing the floor to receive the epoxy surface.
  • Surface preparations (depending on system to be applied) with Blastrac systems that deliver metal shot at the surface to abrade it or Diamond Vacuum Grinders from Sase that rough grind a surface with diamond embedded disks. 
  • Both systems are dust free and have multi chamber vacuums with HEPA filters. We use the best vacuums in the industry- double chamber, hepa filtered and advanced self-bagging dust collection systems
  • Brooms – we have several different kinds for different surfaces, stiff and soft, natural, synthetic.
  • You would be amazed at what a second round of sweeping picks up – every little bit of material left between your substrate and coating applied can be a bond risk area.
  • We focus on neat and GMP practices that will leave only a spectacular new floor.
  • Our Better Work process means industry leading installation and better preparation which costs a little more but lasts longer with minimal disruption to production areas to reduce any potential downtime.

Our most important work happens before we open a container of Material.

  • It’s critical to select the proper material for the site use and installation conditions. Our team offers a wide variety of products, so we won’t be trying to make one product fit your application needs.

With years of experience, in every kind of applications from Clean room 100 rate areas to Live kill floors.

All our coating and mortar applications are guaranteed to bond to the surfaces they applied to. That’s why our team invests a lot of time and effort on ensuring proper surface preparation.
We have been coating floors for customers large and small in every Industry and sector for over 20 years. Why not contact us and get all the facts and for your unique application and area. We’ll floor you with our better work!