Rule One – Is the surface a new pour of concrete? 

If you’re just pouring your floor or the surface has never had a flooring on top of it Then polishing can be a great option.  With a new pour, additional aggregates can be added and enhance the finished product appearance. You can deep grind and get exposed aggregates.  With an existing slab, you will have to accept the distribution of aggregates in surface and you have deep grind look in one area and salt and pepper in another. We can’t always grind deeper, because then you would risk ponding or low spots with corrosive and or acidic liquids. We may also risk hitting metal hardeners that cannot be polished or ground out.


Rule Two – Has the area been damaged or repaired with other materials or cement?

Changes in cement and patching are harder to hide when the surface has a glossy finish.  With epoxies we can hide all the joints and repairs with a solid glossy coating. My Grand Dad always said ”you can’t polish a turd”  ..And many times that is true with polishing.


Rule Three – The Pickle Aisle

Next time you’re in Walmart or another grocery Store that has polished or stained surfaces. Go have a look in the condiments Aisle under the ketchup or Pickles shelves …there will be a large discolored area. Polishing doesn’t protect well against liquids because the surface isn’t as sealed as epoxy surfaces 


Rule Four – How much downtime do you have?

Although Polishing can take longer to complete, the drying steps are short and are friendly to other work being performed in surrounding areas.


Rule Five – Will the area be wet? 

Epoxy can support a variety of aggregates to add additional traction and safety. The polished floor will be smooth with a very high sheen, which could make it slippery.

For every Rule, there is an acceptation

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