Forklifts and Pedestrians 

Lines and walkways keep forklift traffic separate from pedestrians, fire routes and exit paths discourage pallet and bin stacking that blocks exists and fire suppression equipment. A near miss or accident can result in fines and health costs exponentially more than the cost of installing epoxy walkways, floor signs or lines. 


Epoxy surfaces can have texture impregnated in their surfaces to provide minor or   major traction for foot traffic or vehicle’s. We can also make rapid floor repairs than can fill dangerous holes overnight.


Epoxy coated production surfaces allow for easy identification of leek and spills that can be cleaned up quickly to avoid slips and fall 


Epoxy or Polyurethane surfaces have been using by food production facilities because they are durable, resist CIP chemicals and thermal shock and are safe and comfortable systems to work on 


Epoxy line systems outperform adhesive tapes and sprayed on solutions and offer the option to include floor signs and marking that have been proven in heavy manufacturing environments.

We have been coating floors for customers large and small in every Industry and sector for over 15 years. 

Why not contact us and get all the facts and costs for your unique application and area. We’ll floor you with our better work!