Top 5 things to look for in a safe “Better Work” flooring contractor:

Whether you are a food process, pharmaceutical or manufacturing Facility we understand that employee safety and product safety are of paramount concerns. Any outsiders that you bring into your facility should be well trained, neat and professional. Safety compliance organizations like ISN, Gatefeed and Contractor Compliance ensure your contractors conform to all training and insurance milestones


Safety Record – Does your contractor have a proven safety record?

Sentinel has been “lost time” free for over 3500 days . We have over 20 years’ experience in applying epoxy flooring.  


Safety Associations- Is your contractor part of any major safety group like ISN, Gatefeed and Contractor Compliance? The International Suppliers Network is a system which logs and tracks vendors. … Companies which have an ISN Profile automatically are issued with an ISN Rating, which is a rating of a company’s stability and ability to manage its business. Sentinel polymers is part of The ISN safety group and thru ISN, we meet and exceed all bench marks for a rating of A!


Turn Over – Do you see new crew members every time the contractor’s crew shows up?

New crew members sometimes mean – high turn-over. It’s easier for everyone if the same contacts and site leaders arrive with individuals that are familiar with your procedures. Our team has a very low turnover, because we pay well and this means we are able to send the same personnel to you this week that we sent last year.


Professional vehicles and uniforms – does your flooring contractor look professional?

Does your flooring contactor show up in a well maintained modern fully equipped vehicle or a rusty pick-up truck? Even something as easy as a uniform with names on it that clearly identifies who the crew member is and that he or she are part of the official team.


Properly Trained?

All our employees receive more than just the basic health training including FIT & WHIMS tests, Transportation of dangerous good, Fall Arrest, and Confined Space. But, they also receive classroom workshops four times a year where additional skills and techniques are demonstrated. We have crews working 359 days a year so every crew member gets lots of “Better Work “ on-site training , No workers will be flipping thru the manufactures instructions while they are on your Site.



Sentinel Polymers Better Work program insures that we have crews, the training and the years of critical experience to provide you with the right solution for your unique needs.  

For more information on our Better work program, please access the link below.