Make sure you plan to have an epoxy flooring solution installed under your next Production Cell or Robot.

Every month we are adding protection and guidance lines for AGV paths to ensure pedestrians stay clear and safe. As the use of AI and An GV increases customers everywhere are adding simple floor markings and lines to make sure their team members are safe in palletizing, warehouse and production areas.

Here are just some of the benefits of utilizing an epoxy solution as part of your capital budget planning for 2022:

  • Epoxy coatings are a logical addition to capital budget for relocated or new production lines or robots.
  • The area is clear in as little as 48 hours time, resulting in a just like new floor installed. Not only will the new production cell look great when your customers tour, but it will also allow you to trouble shoot. 
  • With a new bright clean area, it will be easy for you to spot leaks and loose parts. When you are spending thousands of dollars on new equipment, why would you install it on an old dark and dirty floor?
  • You don’t have to move to a new building to make a production line look like brand new.
  • Also you don’t have to wait until a line moves to brighten up the area, although when the area is free and clear the application is more straight forward and therefore better value.
  • New LED lighting and the reflective qualities of epoxy flooring will make your new line brighter and increase the comfort of workers in those areas.
  • Epoxy works great inside robot cages to declinate light curtains and pinch points.
  • Why not think about adding your Five S markings on top of your new production cell epoxy. We can add boxes and perimeter lines in a wide variety of colours and we can stencil apply titles and part numbers.
  • We can even add your customers’ logo to the front of the new line. Can imagine how blown away your customer would be to see a bright, fully laid-out Five S cell with their logo?

When in doubt about the best course of action, consult with our team for recommendations on how best to proceed. Sentinel Polymers Better Work program ensures that we have the crews, the training, and the years of critical experience to provide you with the right solution for your unique needs.


For more information on our Better Work program, please access the link below.