Having a leaky or eroded tank or vessel can be potentially very dangerous!

It is important to repair cement tanks, vessels and silos in a timely fashion to prevent any unscheduled downtime or spills.

The following is a short list of some of the critical things you need to consider before
you start your next repair:

  • Specialized training and materials are required to successfully repair leaky production drains, as well as water polishing tanks for dairy, brewing and food productions.
  • You need to apply food grade materials to repair ingredient silos and potable water tanks, as well as inject materials into leaky below grade tanks, vessels and related areas.
  • There are numerous options to consider to extend the life of your assets, such as reline tank farms with corrosive primary and secondary containment repairs, to plating lines and plating containment for Manufacturing.
  • There are also specialized solutions for explosive proof and Electro Static Dissipating flooring solutions for Paint Kitchens, Solvent storage and Distillery’s that need to be considered prior to any maintenance or repairs.


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